Wireless Speaker With Dancing LED Flashing Light.


1. Using advanced Bluetooth audio decoding chip, support all Bluetooth device connections;

2. Support FM radio, you can directly search the stations in the listening area

3. The sound is soft, clear, and dynamic, with clear levels.

4. Read TF card and U disk directly;

5. The Bluetooth receiving distance can be as long as 10 meters;

6. Support LINE-IN audio input, provide you with computer speaker function; can be directly connected to the phone/tablet / and TV Bluetooth pairing to play music;

7. There is no connection in Bluetooth mode, and it will automatically shut down in half an hour.

8. A variety of flashing mode Symphony LED lights, the light can flash with the music melody, one-click conversion, music melody can not only listen to but also see.


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Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red


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